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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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jeter decided to call her mother last night to offer his personal condolences. family member says donna soto was surprised by the phone call. the grieving mother was said to be happy to speak with jeter. >> vice president joe biden reaching out to law enforcement for help in forming tighter gun control laws. biden taking the lead on the president's pledge to act on gun legislation following the shooting. the vice president has long been a pro pennent of gunszñ control working to come up with solution that's can make a> the president is committed to keeping his promise, we'll act and we'll act in a way that is designed if he says we can say one line swrerks to take action. >> san francisco mayor is supporting gun control following killings in newtown, connecticut. >> what the mayor is planning. >> happening san francisco,
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the mayor just announced he'll support local legislation to try to reduce gun violence, on january 15th one supervisor will introduce two pieces of legislation first would add ammunition, like hollow point bullets which cause great bodily injury. second states if you buy 500 or more rounds of ammo it will be reported to police at the time of purchase, ed lee says he's behind both of them. mayor lee says he will reach out to other bay area mayors to ask them to support similar plans to ban assault weapons. a buy back program yielded several hundred rifles and other weapons. a memorial was held for a 17-year-old killed over the weekend.w#?a the san francisco archdiocese organized that event. according to city officials there have been 67 homicides
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so far in san francisco this year. last year, there were 50. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a number of tributes to the newtown victims are planned for tomorrow a week after the shooting. >> church as cross the country, include something here in the bay area will ring bells 26 times. beginning at 9:30 in the morning that. is one ring for each person killed. number of web sites planning to go dark for a minute, a pop up will be featured asking visitors to pause, and remember their victims. >> abc news will air a special report tomorrow morning and will stream that special report for you live at abc 7 and you can express your sympathy by posting this badge on your facebook wall. be sure to stay with us for continuing coverage of the connecticut school shootings. >> people in a normally quiet hayward apartment building dealing with a murder today it happened in the middle of the day in a parking lot there.
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police have little to go on. this murder forced the shut down of two schools. >> sky 7 hd was over the parking lot shortly after the shooting took place, witness dz not want to give their names. >> heard a gun show. i didn't see the people that shot him, but i did see the guy on the round. >> witnesses seem to have seen what happened afterwards. so if they heard the shot and saw the man down that, is what we've got so far. >> a silver car described as belonging to a man who stopped to help. the victim did not live at the apartments but his family does. >> we're learning the u.s. marine driving was not targeted. these images captured about the blown outside window on the car. pgx was a random shooting. he heard shots fired and southbound lanes shut down more than an hour. police are still
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investigating. >> oakland police investigating the death of an innocent bystander. a 47-year-old is the city's 124th homicide victim of 2012. the grandmother struck and killed last night on international boulevard before 6:00 during a gun battle taking place between people on the other side of the street. nick smith will have more on the story at 5:00. >> in san francisco, a firefighter taken to the homt for smoke inhalation after battling an apartment fire in the city ocean view district that started on the second floor of this building this morning. the 25 residents were evacuated and being helped bit red cross. the cause of the fire is still under investigation.z> pg&e's plan won approval today. >> under the plan, pg&e will test 800 miles of pipeline and replace 200 milesist at a cost of $2 billion. customers will pay more than half of that. roughly $1íñryñ two a month for
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the average ratepayer this, follows the deadly 2010 san bruno explosion. local leaders feel ripped off by p.u.c. and pg&e. >> now they're making 11% on improvements. it's shameful they'd allow pg&e to profit from their behaveors, negligence, their poor maintenance, and their criminal activity in my opinion. >> pg&e says this confirms the utility is taking right approach. you'll hear from the utility and members of the puc ahead on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> this morning the obama administration announced expansion of two northern california marine sanctuaries. permanently bang oil drilling along 50 miles of state coastline from sonoma county north to mendocino. it's the largest expansion in the state in the last 20 years along with oil drilling ban, other district law goesing to go into affect including regulation of when cruise
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ships can release sewage into the ocean. >> a south bay charity doing it's part to make holidays brighter, handing out thousands of toys. d=z'ñ she expect to give away toys and gifts by tomorrow. >> you know, it's -- it makes me feel good and makes me feel like a mother should feel. >>iú: sacred heart says she ned 400 more toys and books. there are 500 more kids registered this year. >> still ahead at 4:00, facebook tests a service letting users pay for e mail delivery. >> if you pay for a parking ticket in the city of oakland you may be owd money here. >> this video is related to major snow storm moving across the mid west right now, causing problems for holiday traveler autos later%i(u legal
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problems for hewlett-packard. the lawsuit filed by one shareholder. >> taking a look at traffic for you now this, is the san francisco skyway, it's very slow going where perhaps some folks are already making plans for their holiday get away. stay with us. abc 7 news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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drivers in oakland are due hundreds of thousands of dollars in parking tickets that were overpaid to the city. the city auditor shows in a 12 month period in 2010 and 2011
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drivers paid an extra 316,000s ndz parkinging tickets, either they were mistaken or pay paid twice. the city should have refunded those overpayment buzz never dh. has been going on for years. >> one year, you have $300,000 prior to that there is no process in place. it's safe to assume hundreds of thousands of dollars there have been in unclaimed funds and this would never have been notify ootd city agreed to set up a process as require bid state law. the audit found stit lost out of a half million dollars because of missed collection targets by attendant autos facebook testing an e mail service and a better than expected rern earnings report from research in motion. >> and that is today's after the bell report. hi, cory. >> good afternoon. research in motion, third quarter results just out, they were not pretty. research in motion reporting a
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adjusted net loss of $114 47% year over year. the company is really suffering from competitors like apple, samsung and other google phone makers. research in motion has yet to release the next generation of wlak black berries. research in motion losing a million subscribers in the quarter. did manage a shift, but waits selling more than $14 million in similar quarters a couple years ago. research in motion expects this to be under pressure but the $2.9 billion will come in handy as it begins to market the phones. would you pay to send a facebook message snits going to test a paid messaging tool. for $1 the user can send a
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message outside of the circle of friends. facebook has been looking for ways to boost a profitible business. stock down 28% since ipo shares were lowered today as well. take a look at broader market, stocks closed higher, and big news on wall street. about wall street, intercontinental exchange agreed to buy nyse euronext. your bloomberg silicon valley closing lower. some of the drags on that index speaking of oracle, making another acquisition, building it's cloud computing business. buying a company for more than $870 million. kpt providesaó o cloud-based software used in marketing and salesmanment. get this, is going to start producing shows. the e commerce giant ordered viewer response will determine
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which one is made into a series one is about senator that's live in a rented house, and one from the onion. production scheduled to begin shortly. bloomberg study yoes in san francisco, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> and blizzard pounding the mid west right now. it's causing major problems for travelers. hundreds of flights have been cancelled including all southwest flights out of midway airport. a blizzard warning from kansas to wisconsin. 10 inches of snow has fallen in the upper mid west over 24 hours. another storm is on the way. >> we don't haveog(u to worry about that. >> we do. we do have a major snow storm for the sierra nevada. so this may affect travel plans. also, for northern california mountains we zront blizzard warnings and we do have winter storm warnings. live picture now, show you what it looks like from sutro camera. we're looking towards mount diablo clouds starting to move
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in. it's raining in parts. we look at live doppler 7 i'll show you where the rain has reached as far as bay area is concerned. you look, we have radar on mount st. helena. tracking the storm, keeping you ahead of the storm this, is in combination with monterey national weather service radar. watching this rain. it's raining right now in clover dale a long highway 101. you can see here sea ranch fort ross jenner now starting to pick up moderate rainfall. around continue barn -- tin barn road, moderate rain this, is gibbing to move towards us so watch out. the wind is already picking up. temperatures though winds picked up, are running milder than yesterday at this time. we have low 50s to low 60s. gusts right now at sfo gusting to 35 miles per hour starting to get gusty in concord, santa rosa. 25, half moon bay, gusts 31 miles per hour. wet, windy for morning
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commute. wleer looking at more rain for the weekend. hang on to rain gear, you're going to need it. here is a look at the slow-moving storm. it's what we had expected. the rain would be in towards yu kaia#x and slowly sagging our way. we do have a couple waves of rain for upcoming weekend. we may see possibilities of thunder. 7:00 p.m. not shifting very far. as we head into the one two,, 3:00 hour, it's still in the same area, light to moderate rain for 5:00 a.m. commute. we'll continue to see winds gust agent times, hang on to steering wheels. 7:00 a.m. messy for morning commute. the rain continues, 9:00 a.m. we'll still see wide spread then, periods of rain continue friday afternoon, evening, your get away friday does not look good. saturday, another wave of some heavier rain, 5:00 a.m. maybe thunder embedded in there. watch out for that. scattered showers for saturday,
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y mix around the lake county areas saturday afternoon evening. rainfall totals up to six inches in the north bay mountains this is until saturday evening. two and a half to five inches north bay. south bay a three quarters to an inch in z.a half. urban flooding is possible with this storm. and watch out for downed trees and power lines, wind advisory until 4:00 a.m. for north bay mountains and coast for peninsula, and coast, we're looking at wind advisory until 10:00 a.m. gusts 50 miles per hour, and as i mentioned watch out for possible downed trees and power lines f traveling winter storm warnings covering a good portion of the northern california mountains. sierra nevada look at low snow levels yult likely face delaystñ on interstate 580. highway 50, two to five feet of snow is expected in sierra nevada heading into weekend. rainfall for bay area tomorrow morning we're looking at wind. low 40s to low 50s.
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and you know it was frosty cold in areas. tomorrow after the foon, upper 40s to upper 50s, carry umbrellas, you'll need them. accu-weather forecast chance of thunder going into saturday. rain sunday, so holiday shopping looking sloppy. partly cloudy skies christmas eve, santa will will have no problems. kraib chance of rain now. christmas day, evening. all right? not good. north bay looks like. i'm trying to hedge it, but i can't. >> it's on there. >> all right. thank you. >> starting to see droplets out there. >> i know. >> later, later. >> yes. >> coming up, simon cowel spills beans onmsmkz the new relationship. a former play boy model. >> jimmy kimmel talks late night what. he has to say about a newñ time slot. >> at 4:18 a live look at golden gate bridge. traffic head nootd city, smooth sailing there. going nicely. stay with us, more still to
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come on abc 7 news at 4:00.
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well, after months of rumors, speculation, simon cowel says he is dating former bay watch star carmen electra. he was interviewed during a radio program. pair have been spotted together dining in past few months. that fueled gossip about the two being an item, now, it's
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confirm i'd suspected it. >> yes. you're so tight with both of them. >> yes. >> jimmy kimmel gearing up for his new late night spot and a new miss universe is crowned. >> world has a new celebrity today. she's not an actress or singer, z >> for thewbv÷ first time in 15 years, an american has been crowned miss universe. 20-year-old olivia colpo representing miseriry in the miss usa pageant. she's a sophomore at boston university there. is a new baby in the celebrity world. claire danes and actor hugh dancey welcome aid baby boy this week. this is their first child. and in just over two weeks jimmy kimmel moving his time slot from midnight to 11:35
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putting him up against jay leno and david letterman. jimmy says the time slot will be the only change. >> i don't know we have a new plan. it's going to be the same show but we're going call things new. and then, maybe people will, who haven't been paying attention will they they're new. >> it moves to 11:pa january 8th here on abc. for hottest entertainment headlines like on the red carpet on facebook, or follow us on twitter. >> and looking more and more like there will be no professional hockey this year talking about going over the edge of a fiscal cliff over the ice and into the abyss. national hockey league wiped hout all games through mid january, now almost half of the season, gone. the owners locked out players, far apart from any sort of meaningful agreement at this point. in 2004, nhl became the only pro sports league to cancel the season because of a labor dispute. can't believe goitsing to happen again. >> when a shame. >> yes. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00 nation's largest
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medical marijuana dispensary fights to stay open into bay area cities. >> a skier on a run gets caught in an avalanche. the trick that helped her >> later what 20,000 pounds of potatoes doing on this boeing flight. we'll explain. and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go.
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wanted to be here for your fist christmas? you see grandma lives waaaay down here, and you live way up here. brian, your cousin, he's a little bit older than you, he lives here, in chicago. and your aunt lisa lives here, in baltimore. uncle earnie? waaay out in hawaii. but don't you worry, we will always be together for christmas. [ male announcer ] being together is the best part of the holidays and cheerios is happy to be part of the family. you just ate dallas!
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first case of its kind in the country heard in federal court today. >> tips the city of oakland and a medical marijuana dispensary against the federal crack down on cannibis distribution. >> you guys probably know that earlier this month, the president told abc news his administration has quote, bigger fish to fry than going after marijuana users but the u.s. attorney here in 1gsi9 california is cracking down on a local dispensary, the case heard today in federal court. harborside health center is the largest medical marijuanaúyá dispensary in the nation with two facilities. one in san jose and a main operation in oakland. together, serving more than úz >> we're 100% compliant with
4:27 pm
california law, cities support us, the community supports us. it's only the federal government who think there's is something wrong with what we're doing. >> the federal government is trying to shut down the dispensaries by going after harborside land lords, threatening toçfnt seize properties if they toin allow marijuana sales. in violation of federal law. in court today, the assistant u.s. attorney said they can sell pop corn there, and candy there. but they cannot use the property for any illegal purpose. as a result, the land lords asking the judge to force the dispensaries to stop, immediately. the attorney for oakland landlord says his client feels shaez no choice. >> it's a serious issue. it's aphgñ action she can lose e building. >> harborside rented the property six years, city officials feel the crack down comes too late in the game. oakland is taking the unprecedented step of suing, saying the feds have promised
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to leave dispensary as lone if obeying state, and local law autos they're trying to do is we're going to shut down dispensary. you patients? too bad. tough luck. do you believe this? too bad. >> it's not right. it's like taking away walgreens. i compare to it that. >> all sides praise the judge, the chief magistrate took all issues under advisement and in the meantime, harborside continues to operate. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the state department concedes security should have been tighter at u.s. consulate in benghazi,yco libya where four americans died in september. william burns testified before two congressional hearings, told the senate foreign relations committee there had been violence in benghazi ahead of the deadly attacks but they didn't think the consulate would be targeted. >> a lot of the violence were
4:29 pm
intra libyan. some were directed to the united states but not all of them. i think we made the mistaken aassumption that you know, we won't become a major target. >> four state department officials resigned yesterday ç found management failures resulted in inadequate security. ambassador and three others died in this attack. >> just more than a week, taxes will go up for everybody and government spending will be cut if congress does not act to stop the nation from going over the so called fiscal cliff. we have the latest on the talks from washington. mayans predicted the are world would end tomorrow, here in washington that doesn't seem to be creating urgency to get a fisal cliff deal. >> the president called on the house again and again to pass a bill to protect 98 pr of the american frem a tax hike. well... today we're going to do better than that. >> house speaker john boehner movering forward on plan b,
4:30 pm
extending the current tax rates for those making less than $1 million a year, 99.81% of americans. for the rest micking more than $1 million, tax rates go up. but if plan b doesn't addresssí spending cuts and today, president obama's spokesman was blunt. >> plan b, only thing the house of representatives, republicans and house are focused on how is a multi day exercise in futility. we dozl-iy not have the luxury f exercises in futility. >> boehner says he's done his part, white house andd0oñ senate democrats haven't done their autos their plan b is to slow walk us over the fiscal cliff. >> the house is expected to vote tonight. some have come out against it because of the tax increases. boehner is confident it will pass, but after that, it will hit a brick wall in the senate. >> so let me be clear.
4:31 pm
the plans are.8ú nonstarters and senate. >> that means negotiations are back at the same place, a stand still. abc news, washington. >>ed body of the hawaii senator lying in state at u.s. capitol. an honor guard brought the casket into the capitol this morning this, is a rare honor only 31 other people have been so honored. the last was former president gerald ford six years ago. vice president biden presided over a memorial attended by lawmakers from both parties. he served in congress more than 50 years, and was a highly decorated world war ii veteran. he died monday at age 88 from respiratory complication autos now to an incredible story of survival. a 20-year-old woman bury bid an avalanche, sking in washington state w a free hand, and a talented dog her life was saved.
4:32 pm
>> this 20-year-old had just finished what she calls one of the best runs of her life here in crystal mountain south of seattle. >> amazing. >> she says she looked down, and saw the snow moving strangely beneath her. >> i saw like a crack. you know, you hear a little pop when it starts to go. i realized it was an avalanche. push immediate into a tree. all of a sudden, i was encased. i couldn't move. >> she was buried. her first thought how to breathe. her left hand could move just enough to get snow away from her mouth. >> my head was down facing down a little bit. so,k( i, like, had to kind of scoop snow away. i breathed in snow a little bit. that was scary. >> that saved your life, having that left hand free to get a little bit away. >> yes. i was like kind of a sitting position. my right arm was stuck out. out to my side. couldn't move it. >> then, second wave hit her. a wave of fear.
4:33 pm
that she might not be found. >> i felt very alone. and i felt like, you know this, could be it. >> a helpless, horrifying feeling like when this snowmobiler caused an avalanche then bury add life earlier this year in washington state. >> shovel, shovel! >> his friends frantically dug him out. >> can you breathe? >> he wasn't injured. >> he's all right. >> but emily wasn't sure she'd make it. she was screaming but buried under snow, no one could hear. a friend saw it happen and called for help. the ski patrol was there within minutes and began poking with long poles trying to find her. a 4-year-old rescue dog was there, too. >> avalanche dogs are the best way to find someone like emily. this woman is lucky. the avalanche statistics say once buried with out a trace for the surface, your chance of surviving that is one out of three. >> 15 minutes later, she felt
4:34 pm
a pole poking through. they found her and dug her out. >> you're lucky. >> very lucky. everything about it went my way. for sure. >> this morning, her neck is sorks her ski poles, lost, but she's otherwise just fine. smiling, and interested in getting a job with the ski patrol. abc news, washington. >> very lucky right there to be alive. >> amazing. >> still ahead, have you waited until the last minute to do your holiday shopping? >> some of use maybe. some shipping secrets for people scrambling to find gifts. >> first, checking out how residents and animals in the north bay dealt with the freezing temperatures. >> i'm sandhya patel. temperatures down to mid-20s. tonight, as you enjoy this beautiful sunset norkt as cold, we have wet, windy weather on
4:35 pm
the way. >> another live look at traffic now. conditions on the bridge on the right side headed towards peninsula, looking good. heavier, oncoming traffic go together east bay more still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00.
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here is a look at yahoo f $1 fee. the company says it's testing a of service charging users to message nonfriends. teens shot dead after a paint ball game, and the 16-year-old
4:38 pm
south dakota boy fatally shot a friend with a shotgun after they argued over a paint ball game. and tim te of thebow is single with reports of a break up surfacing during the same week have many speculating whether he will part bayway was the jets after the season. >> yeah. he's not going to be back there. the rain may be on the way. the story is how cold it was. you can see frost on plants in pleasanton. east bay and north bay valleys saw some of the most-fridgit temperatures and tiery mcsweeney reports from napa. >> it's in the morning people take warning. but the warning came too late for those aun ware of the overnight beerks low freezing temperatures in part of the north bay. these horses along highway 12 broke a layer of ice hardening on top of the water. by guy seem to signal yes wai.z cold last night.
4:39 pm
how now, in napa official low 25 degrees. frost on cars, frost on the ground and bins if you bu if it gets on plane that's is bad news. >> it's destroys lift and wing skptz other surfaces to operate. >> back in the pasture horses seemed to signal no. they don't mind cold. but amanda signaled yes. she does. >> i have to be at work at 4:30 in the morning it means i leave at like 4:00. and so i wake up and am ready to go. there is ice on the car. i have to scrape it off. i'm not into that first thing in the morning. >> my mid day, temperatures climbing into the 50s in time for arrival of rain this evening. in nappa, abc 7 use nus. >> taking it outside, right? >> that is right. >> sandhya patel is in for spencer christian. should take it right there.
4:40 pm
>> yes. yes. >> there is a silver lining always. looking at live doppler 7 hd. there is a storm. we do have rainfalling. cloverdale, it's getting moderate to heavy around clover dale. fort ross area picking up moisture right now. highway 1 some lighter rainfall, heelsburg now starting to pick up that rain. so if you have travel plans, watch out for the snow. winter storm warnings up for this sierra nevada tomorrow, expecting low snow levels. 46 in chico. heavy snow is expected by this weekend. two to five feet of snow above 4,000 feet is possible. 51 degrees in sacramento, 58 travel problems look like up in the northern portion of the state down south, palm springs 68. 67 in los angeles, partly sunny skies friday. not exactly for tomorrow
4:41 pm
afternoon, scattered showers, breezy. upper 40s to upper 50s for your highs and hang on to umbrellas. we're going to be facing a wet and windy morning commute. more rain is coming for the weekend. so any last minute shopping will require umbrellas and travel plans could be dicey heading up to northern california or central sierra. >> thank you. >> up next, how eating as a family can improve a child's eating habits. >> and a big fail for america's popular car. results of the test on the toyota camery. >> two little girls making añ÷ public debut separately more than nine months after being born joined at lower chest and abdomen. >> nasad: prototype looks lika suit worn by the famous animated astronaut. look familiar to you? stay with us. we'll be right back.
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checking healthy living news british researchers say chances of a man developing cancer in his lifetime increased. research uk says men now stand a one in two chance of developing kabser largely because people are living longer.
4:45 pm
cancer is expected to increase the most in men over 15 years include bowel, prot yait and mel la gnomea. another new study finds sharing meals as a family improves eating habits of children, even fit happens only one once, or twice per week. looking at 2400 children in london found children ate more fruits and vegetables if they saw their parents eating them and were more likely to eat them as parents cut them up for them. researchers say more campaigns are needed to promote family meal autos this is terrific now. 9-month-old formerly conjoined twin girls made a public appearance. they were introduced at children's hospital, surgeons separated girls during a seven hour separation. -- operation,[lv mom says the girls have distinct personality autos allison is
4:46 pm
is the stronger one. amelia is laid back and very easy going. very serious, hard to get to smile. but when she does, she welcomes with you smiles every time. >> amelia still is in intensive care, surgery was hospital. >> if you haven't finished your holiday shopping yet, no panic. many retailers don't have, sorry. >> guaranteed shipping. shipping. she's exhausted from shipping. >> yes. >> okay. >> looking for free shipping there is a solution, abc news reporter has tips about where you can still find free rush shipping. >> yes. yes. there is hope. >> yes. just in time for
4:47 pm
christmas. >> you have way too many things to get done between now and christmas. bad news, you missed a free shipping deadline foremost online retailers but i've got sneaky ways around that. i'm goinging to hook you up. big sites still have expedited free shipping. overstock, zappos.  let's talk amazon. there is a limited group of products eligible for free one day shipping. if you want something not on the list there is amazon prime. this $79 prescription gets you free two day shipping. do you have a family member that belongs? they can nominate four people
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finally, sears and jc penny have half off most christmas decorations. you can decorate and save. >> that was abc reporter becky worley reporting. general motors recalling 145,000 mid sized pickup trucks because of missing latch that could lead to the hood the of the trucks flying open,mñm÷ including chevolet colorado and canyon pick ups from 2010 to 2012 model years. gm says it may not have been
4:49 pm
installed so it's not engaged the hood could open and block a view. no crashes are injuries have been reported. gm says if the latch is missing a new hood will be installed. >> low marks for america's popular car after this crash test. the toyota camery showed poorly in front end impact. front wheel ended up bending the footwell inward. air bag dz not deploy because steering was pushed too far off. honda accord scored the highest ratings in the crash. >> all right. we're looking at nasa next generation space suit. >> looks familiar. a little buzz light yearish. >> nasa developed for advanced space ventures including
4:50 pm
manned mars mission, it can protect an astronaut from temperatures. temperatures. 1992. they were made for crews aboard the space shuttle fleet and those at the international space station. it does look like buzz. doesn't it?. >> i mean that, green? the color? >> yes. >> still ahead... now you want to go? still ahead. >> i'm confused. >> yes. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 legal problems for hewlett-packard. >> a call for hewlett-packard board of directors to resign. a lawsuit is claiming they're engaging in fraud. we'll have the story coming up. >> also, a potato project. how boeing used 20,000 pounldz of the vegetable to improve:s3vñ it's wi-fi service. >> that is a live one. coming up at 5:00 local study found a way to ease traffic congestion. a key may be removing certain drivers from roads. also there is this. the brawl that -- bra that claims to detect early stages
4:51 pm
of breast cancer. those stories and more coming up at 5:00. the news at 4:00 continues right after this.
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some silicon valley super stars in the cross hairs of a lawsuit filed against hewlett-packard. a share holder claims the board of directors engaged in fraud and a cover up. abc 7 news with the story. >> the board includes big names includings wheg whitman, ray lane, and mark andresan. this lawsuit claims they're defrauding share holders about a new product called idle 10. based on technology it acquired from a british software company it bought last year, idle 10 can be found on the web site, but the attorney says it doesn't exyismt. >> if they fraudulently told the public about this nonexistent product they have,
4:55 pm
and the court finds thatergvñ te complaint is correct as to then skt court to remove these directive autos hp told abc 7 news it has no comment about the lawsuit. hp angered investors because it's taking a write down on theé8qgç deal and blames accoung wrong doing by autonomy. >> they have an obligation to know what the ce so. saying and the fact they're telling the truth f there is information to believe they're not telling the truth, you can't do that anymore. and... our allegations in this complaint are that they knew early on that what they're telling the public about the product is not true. >> the key question is whether board members are voiding responsibility. >> responsibility requires that boards make decisions in the interest of shareholders given what they know at the time. it does not make them liable
4:56 pm
for what they don't know at the time. >> lawsuit filed here in san jose, expected that insiders may step forward to help#w support claims of fraud. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> boeing says it's used 20,000 pounds of potatoes to test its in flight wi-fi this, is video showing what we're talking about. engineers for the airline manufacturer used ut them to fill seats saying vegetable interaction with radio wave signals mimic those of the human body. you if feel like a potato, this is it. they're finding ways to use mobile devices in flight without interfering with a navigation system. a major milestone in the mayan calendar is almost here. some people interpreting this as the end of the world. on friday a cycle in the mayan calendar will end. books and films trying to link
4:57 pm
books1t world.s trying to link archaeologists say it means another one begins on saturday. tourists telling reporters they hope that that is the case because they plan to be in belize on christmas day. thanks for joining us for abc 7:00 news at 4:00. the news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. a grandmother is caught in the cross fire tonight. >> pg&e customers learn they'll have to pay a high price to try to prevent >> live doppler 7 tracking the storm, wet, windy weather is ahaechld delays likely. i'll have details coming up. >> good evening, everyone. >> an innocent grandmother is police say she was hit by a
4:58 pm
stray bullet intended for someone else. she was walk on international boulevard with her sister when shootings started. zy is ld tonight with the latest on the investigation and nick, the call to stop the violence. >> absolutely. you know, i spoke with woj her daughter ask step daughter this afternoon. they're both angry and frustrated and say that everyone loved mona. that someone like this never should have happened. >> everybody in the neighborhood knows her. everybody loves her. it's like... it's a shock. >> she is oakland's latest victim of gun violence. the mother of two and grandmother of four was shot and killed only blocks from where she lived. >> go two people shooting. we don't know who they were. but we know it wasn't meant for my mama. >> police agree, tell meeg she was caught in the cross fire two of shooters and was not their intended target. they say she was leaving this
4:59 pm
dollar store with her sister, headed home, bullets started flying. she was hit and died in this corner, word spread throughout the neighborhood and to her family. >> everybody, everybody told us it was mona. i ran through yellow tape. >> investigators turning to witnesses and surveillance cameras to them identify those responsible you know, it's a grandmother. it's, you know an older black woman. >> another innocent victim of the violence. this organization are working to change that. >> this is a big lie. it's affecting a lot of people. not just her children, but the children in the community that have come to know her. >> bill boards beg for an tond gun violence, today, one more east oaklands family has been forced to add their voice to a growing chorus. >> she never hurt nobody, or did nothing to nobody. or anything like this. she was a good person.


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